Monday, July 2, 2012


Where the dead can still help the living
High Tech entrepreneur, BRECKLAN GREEN, finds himself in LIMBO facing choices that won’t just determine his fate, but will have a profound affect on the lives of hundreds of complete strangers.

After he suffers a cerebral hemorrhage, BRECKLAN GREEN finds himself in a seedy travel agency managed by MR. PETRA who is deeply unimpressed with Brecklan’s worldly achievements in technology and business.
Petra sends Green on a journey of discovery under the care of STYGIA a blind elevator operator. Stygia introduces Brecklan to people and places that in life had no place in his single-minded pursuit of success: an African refugee camp, a military outpost in Afghanstan, a decrepit senior care facility, a pirated yacht in the Persian Gulf, and a bombed out basement in Chechnya.
As his encounters unfold, Brecklan discovers that, though his body lies comatose in Beverly Hills, he still has the power to change the lives of the people half-way around the world for the better, and in so doing perhaps change his own fate.


Copyright, Stephen Rustad, 2012 | WGAw

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